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Gentlemen who enjoy being with London escorts where you can get escort service! Greetings, we are your partners, Lisa and Dora, who offer a group escort service. We are two beautiful ladies who love to make friends in the style of lovers in the whole city of London, especially on the European side.

We always participate in group meetings and try to make elite gentlemen as happy as possible. Moreover, we can have sexy relationships not only in hotels but in all quality environments. In terms of humour, we are not people who get stuck with obstacles and worry about small things. We like to offer freely escort service and satisfy you with quality escort service.

London escorts always have to make quality talks and we, as your group partners, are aware of this. Of course, sometimes negative things happen in our lives, but we will never compromise on professionalism and quality. You will understand what we mean from the first moment you know us closely. It makes us happy to be with the gentlemen we like, to give them new experiences about sex, of course, we want you to be happy in the same way.

Please review the information we have provided here, and then contact us if you wish. There are many women on Escorts London site, yes most of them are absolutely beautiful partners! However, we strongly recommend that you do not approach prejudice without being with us. Every female escort wants to be highly professional in the escort service they offer, but not everyone meets this criterion. We would like to say a few words to the gentlemen we have never been together before.

escort service

Private and beautiful escort women Dora and Lisa

As London escorts, we care about the escort service we offer, so we can attend and accompany you wherever you wish. We are absolutely glad about this, if you choose us, do not doubt that you will have more special experiences with us than you have ever experienced before.

If you enjoy short or long term relationships with special and beautiful women, we should definitely meet. If you want to meet and make an appointment for the meeting place, we are sure that you will be amazed from the moment you see us. Of course, if you don’t like us, you don’t have to meet, we don’t have to force ourselves to like you.

But leave your prejudices aside and take advantage of our escort service by contacting us as soon as possible. We enjoy having sexual relationships if you think the same way we will wait for your calls. You can think like escorts who come to the hotel or like elite escort women, but we think we are different as we stay in all areas of London for interviews.

In fact, you will appreciate that it really takes a great chance to have sexual relationships with two such beautiful and sexy ladies at the same time :). Don’t get me wrong, this is not an ego show, we are just trying to present ourselves as naturally as possible.

We are not Russian escort girls or foreign escort partners, we are two Turkish ladies. Anyway, we would like to talk about our meeting conditions without distracting more. First of all, we do not have anal sex, we are definitely not unprotected together. We come to homes, hotels, residences, we do not offer escort services in our own private home. We care about privacy and confidentiality as much as you do.

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We only have group meetings

We only accompany the meetings as a group, we do not meet in any way individually. If you, gentlemen and gentlemen from London, want to spend time with us, first check our original photos and then contact us during the day if you see fit. If you call during the interview, we may not be available, but don’t worry that we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We would like to thank all the distinguished people who have already taken care of us and wish them to take very good care of themselves. If you wish, you can request an appointment with us now. With love and respect, London escorts, your friends Dora and Lisa, who offer escort services.